Copying Sessions

Copying sessions from one database to another with multiple databases enabled.

This feature is available in emWave Pro and Pro Plus only. You must to check “Enable Multiple Databases” in Preferences. If you want to move sessions from one user to another in the same database, refer to “Moving Sessions“.

  1. First open both the source and the target databases.
  2. Select the Progress window for both databases.
  3. Select the users you want to copy between in each database.
  4. Highlight the sessions in the source database that you wish to copy.
  5. Select Copy in the Edit menu.
  6. Click on the the target database window to make it active.
  7. Select Paste in the Edit menu.

Multiple sessions are selected in the standard Windows/Mac methods. On Windows, hold down the Control key and click with your mouse on the sessions you’d like to choose. To select an entire range of sessions, click with your mouse on the beginning of your range and select the end of your range by holding down the Shift key and clicking again with your mouse. On Mac, use the Command key or Shift with click.

For example, with several sessions displayed in the Progress View on a Windows computer, you can select the first and third sessions by holding down the Control key and clicking on the first and third sessions.

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