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Inner Balance

Our Newest Product For iPhone/iPad and Android. Bluetooth & Wired Options

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Inner Balance Tutorials

Getting Started with the Inner Balance

Four Awesome Things About
The Inner Balance App

Inner Balance App Overview

Inner Balance Technology – Getting Started

Inner Balance App Instructional Videos

Inner Balance App – Tabs & Starting a Session

Inner Balance App – Customize Your Experience & An Overview of Settings

Inner Balance App – About the Different Session Screens

Inner Balance App – About the Advanced Screens

Inner Balance App – Setting Up HeartCloud

Inner Balance App – The Review Tab & Your History and Progress

Inner Balance App – An Overview of Journaling


Stand-alone Handheld Device – And Desktop Use – Windows & Mac

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emWave2 Tutorials

Learn to Use the emWave2

A Walk-Through of The emWave2

Getting Started With Your emWave2

emWave2 Setup Mode

Adjusting the Lights on Your emWave2

Adjusting the Audio on Your emWave2

emWave2 Reward Cycle

Turning Your emWave2 On and Off

emWave Pro

For Professionals – Multi-User Support – Windows & Mac

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emWave Pro Tutorials

Learn to Use the emWave Pro

  • A full featured 45-minute instructional tour. Download and open your emWave Pro software, then follow the audio instruction. Listen to Audio Tour

emWave Pro Orientation Video

A 6-minute overview of the emWave Pro features.

emWave Pro Plus Assessments Tutorial

In this 13 minute video learn about the two heart rate variability (HRV) assessments.
  1. 1-Minute HRV Deep Breathing Assessment with age adjusted reference ranges for each HRV measure.
  2. HRV Assessment — an advanced tool for studying heart rate variability that can be used in a wide range of applications. It includes many of the most commonly used time—and frequency—domain variables.

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