Coherence Over Time

A graphical display that charts your Coherence Scores over the entire length of the session. The chart is updated every 5 seconds with each new score. The background colors of the chart reflect the Coherence Level Thresholds of the current Challenge Level setting — Low, Medium, High, Highest. The white plotting line reflects the coherence intensity and time spent in each state of coherence: red = low, blue = medium, green = high. When you achieve higher levels of Coherence Scores, the plot window will auto scale and the red and the blue portions will get smaller.

Coherence score is a measure of the degree of coherence in the heart rhythm pattern. A coherent heart rhythm is a stable regular repeating rhythm resembling a sine wave at a single frequency between 0.04 – 0.24 Hz (3 – 15 cycles per minute). The scoring algorithm continuously monitors the most current 64 seconds of heart rhythm data and updates the score every 5 seconds. The more stable and regular the heart rhythm frequency, the higher the coherence score. Scores range from 0 – 16. With practice and regular use, you will begin to notice your own normal coherence score level and how it fluctuates when you have more or less focus and when you experience greater levels of inner balance. Use your score range as a guide to setting challenge levels and achievement goals.

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