Inner Balance Coherence Plus Sensor with the HeartMath App / Lifetime Subscription

To assist you in connecting your new Inner Balance Coherence Plus Sensor with the HeartMath App and unlocking your Lifetime Subscription, we recommend following these steps outlined in our demonstration video:
Click Here to view the demonstration video

Here are some basic troubleshooting tips to ensure a successful connection:

1. Secure Attachment: Ensure that the Ear Sensor is securely clipped to your earlobe before starting a session. For optimal pulse receptivity, gently massage your earlobes to warm them up.

2. Correct Connection: Confirm that you have connected the Ear Sensor jack to the Silver-colored Sensor pod, by inserting the jack. Press firmly until it’s fully seated.

3. Bluetooth Settings: Do not pair the Sensor with your device’s Bluetooth settings. If already paired, simply turn off your Sensor and then turn it back on. The Sensor pairs to the App…not the device.

4. Power Status: Ensure that your Sensor is not charging or plugged in when connecting with the App.

5. Sensor Activation: Press and release the button to turn on the Sensor. Look for the blinking white light on the “+” Heart.

6. App Pairing Steps:

  • Navigate to the “Measure Your Heart Coherence” Guided Journey and play the first and second steps.
  • In the second step, proceed with the Sensor connection.
  • Turn on your Sensor, select Bluetooth in the “Select a Sensor” screen, and click “Continue.”
  • Confirm your Sensor ID in the next screen and click “Connect.”
  • NOTE: Your Sensor ID will display on the screen and it will match the Sensor ID number on the back of your Sensor.

7. Lifetime Access Confirmation: After completing the steps, you will see a confirmation that your “Lifetime Access is Unlocked.” Click “Continue on the Page” to proceed with your practice.

We hope these instructions and troubleshooting tips help you enjoy a seamless experience with your Inner Balance Coherence Plus Sensor and the HeartMath App. If you encounter any further issues, feel free to reach out to us for additional support:

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