Using the Export Session data command

What is the format of the file that's created by using the Export Session command? The export session option allows you to export a previously saved session as an ASCII text file.

Use the current session or open a previously recorded session that you wish to export as a text file. Once open select the Export Session menu option from the File menu.
Please Note: If you are using the emWave Pro program, you have 2 choices for the export format. JSON or RR values only. It will not export to a text or excel file of any kind.

You will be prompted to supply a location and filename for the exported data using a standard Windows dialog. The exported data consists of:

User name ——- fa

TrendIBI —— Interpolated inter-beat intervals in milliseconds every half second. ——- fa

TrendTRG —— Accumulated entrainment score total at every half second. Sample data file contents:

John Doe ——- fa

TrendIBI —— 1000 1000 1000 ……

785 785 785 ——- faTrendTRG —— 0 0 0 0

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