emWave2® Handheld Device Accumulating Scoring Time Process

Tracking the amount of time spent in Coherence on the emWave2 handheld device couldn’t be easier using the light display in the Heart Action Strip. The time that is being measured is approx. 10 seconds per LED.
(This reflects a 5 breath per minute (5/5) protocol.)
That’s the amount of time for the Breath Pacer to make one complete cycle and compile the information required to post the accumulation in the Heart Action Strip by adding a light.

Consequently, it’s approx. 2.8 minutes to completely fill the Strip with the accumulated coherence score.
Once the Heart Action Strip has been filled with accumulated lights, the unit will clear them all and put a brighter light at the bottom.
This indicates that you have one full cycle accomplished and are beginning on the next one.

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