Reviewing previous Freeze-Framer sessions in real time

You can select the current or any previously recorded session for demonstration or real-time replay. This can be convenient for demonstration purposes. The replayed data will run at original speed. Games and Heart Rhythm screen will perform as if the data were live. This operation is very much like a player piano.


  1. To use a previously recorded session, click on the review session icon or select the Review Session item from the View pull-down menu.

  • Open the desired session from the review session dialogue box.

  • Under the File menu choose "Select As Demo".

  • Under the Edit menu, choose Options. Select "On" in the Demo Mode section and then click on the "OK" button.

  • Go to the Heart Rhythm Display screen and then press the Start icon to replay the previously selected session. When the Freeze-Framer is running in demo mode, a small "Demo (simulated)" indication is visible in the lower-right-hand corner of the Heart Rhythm Display screen:


Note the pulse wave is not replayed in real-time, only the HRV wave. Remember to switch from Simulator mode back to one of the two sensor modes when you're done with the Simulator. Note: When the Freeze-Framer software is installed for the first time a sample heart rhythm file is included and may be used for demonstration or real-time replay by turning on Demo mode in Options. This initial wave will be replaced once you use the Select Demo function.

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