How do I post emWave PRO program results, instead of emWave2 results to the GCI Website Tracker?

The bright bars on the emWave2 are analogous to the accumulated coherence score in the emWave PRO program. In both the emWave2 and the emWave PRO, 1 point is awarded for each scoring interval (5 seconds) of medium coherence and 2 points for high coherence. Accumulated points on the emWave are tracked by lighting up the LEDs on the Heart Action Strip as you maintain coherence.

With the emWave2, the 18 LED’s in the action strip are also referred to as bars. For every 2 points of accumulated score a bar is dimly lit once all 18 bars (LEDs) are lit [2 point x 18 bars = 36 point] the display marks 36 point achievement by lighting the first bar, when the display fill’s again (36 more point) the second bar (LED) is lit and  so on.

So every 36 points on the accumulated score chart of the emWave PRO program equals 1 bright bar. If you take the accumulated score total at the end of your emWave PRO session and divide by 36 you will have the number of bright bars. Always round decimal results down to the integer value.

An example is: If you had 140 accumulated score point ( 140 / 36 = 3.889) you would have 3 bright bars.

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