Saving Raw Data collected by the emWave PC / Freeze-Framer software programs.

The following information will only work on emWave PC and the Freeze-Framer programs, both of which are now discontinued and no longer supported.

Please follow this procedure:

  • Open the emWave PC or Freeze-Framer software program.
  • On the Home screen, click the Help tab at the top.
  • Click, About emWave PC or Freeze-Framer.
  • Click, the Show button. Double click the FF2.mdb file.
  • Select the file that you wish to have converted.
  • Now, click the File tab in the upper left corner of the main screen.
  • Click – Export In the Save As Type dialog box, scroll the drop menu to – Microsoft Word Merge (*.txt) or Excel (*.xls) etc. and Select where you want the file exported to, such as your Desktop.
  • Click Save

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