Achievement Score

Regarding Achievement Scores…

This area is not about competition, its purpose is to help you pursue a change of heart, contribute to a collective coherence and help create a better world.

Scoring illustrates your progress, provides encouragement and is designed to help you establish a numerical baseline for reference.

Achievement Scoring

This is the sum of your individual Coherence Scores during the length of a session with all Coherence ratios combined. It can be improved by achieving higher Coherence Scores and the length of time spent in Coherence during the session.

You can view your score in the bottom toolbar of the Session view shown here, or view the scores over time in graph format on the Progress view.

The scoring algorithm updates your Coherence Score every 5 seconds during an active session and adds them together giving you a sum which is called Achievement as the app displays.

You may want to set a daily Achievement Goal for yourself, an Achievement Score of 300 points per day is a good place to start.

This could be accumulated in a single session or split across two or more sessions depending on your schedule or preferences.

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