Non-HeartMath Practitioners Information

Are non-HeartMath certified practitioners permitted to teach an exercise for heart centering that is essentially the same as the Heart Lock-in, Quick Coherence techniques or other HeartMath techniques (without claiming to be certified by HeartMath) and cite the research from HeartMath showing the effects?

We have respect for any and all practices which teach people to focus in the heart and send love to others. Regarding our research however we haven't done any studies to compare other techniques to HeartMath techniques. We really can't say whether the substitution of any other techniques in a research study would give the same scientific results. We do encourage people to read and study our research and recommend it to others so you can certainly do that in your practice but not claim that the research applies to other techniques.

The HeartMath techniques have been designed consciously to have a certain word structure and sequence of steps to give an enhanced benefit to those who use them but we don't try to compare that to benefits from other practices. HeartMath techniques are widely used as an add-on to whatever practices people feel gives them benefit and that's the spirit in which we offer them.

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