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The patented emWave is designed to help you transform stress and increase performance in all areas of your life.

emWave developed by Doc Childre, is a unique training system which is based on years of research on stress, emotions and performance. It objectively monitors your heart rhythms and confirms when you are in coherence, an optimal physiological state. With practice you learn how to shift into coherence at will, even in difficult situations which previously would have caused stress and drained your emotional vitality and buoyancy. You will readily see and experience changes in your heart rhythm patterns as you practice the Quick Coherence® technique or other HeartMath techniques.

Research has shown that stress and emotions of all kinds are reflected in our heart rhythm pattern. This is because what we are feeling causes changes in the activity in our nervous system which affects the heart rhythm pattern. This pattern is transmitted from the heart to the higher brain centers and influences the way the brain processes information. Feelings of frustration and anxiety cause the hearts rhythm to become more disordered and irregular, inhibiting the higher brain centers ability to function and causes a drain in energy levels. On the other hand, feelings of love and appreciation generate a smooth heart rhythm pattern, which promotes higher brain center functioning, increasing problem-solving discernment and memory recall. Positive emotions produce more ordered and coherent heart rhythms, which reduce nervous system chaos and facilitate cortical function.

emWave takes out the guesswork of your inner system functioning, by providing real-time feedback. It captures and quantifies your “Zone” of maximum performance, and teaches you to recreate that maximum performance state when you encounter stress.

Most people find that through regular use of emWave they can improve emotional well-being, enhance mental clarity, intuition, and creativity. Athletes of all kinds can improve performance on the playing field. In addition, emWave is used around the world by health care professionals and Fortune 500 Companies to help people reduce stress and recover from a wide range of health challenges and recover their energy levels more quickly. Students also use it to improve learning and increase test scores.

emWave is very different from devices that simply measure heart rate. It measures the subtle beat-to-beat changes in your heart rate on a beat-to-beat basis and displays your heart’s rhythmic patterns over time. This is called heart rate variability (HRV) analysis. It also analyzes your heart rhythm pattern for coherence, something which other HRV monitors do not do. In addition to seeing your heart rhythm in real-time, your coherence level is displayed.

Unlike your average heart rate, your heart rhythm pattern reflects how stress and different emotions are affecting your autonomic nervous system. When you have a coherent heart rhythm pattern, physiologically you are in an optimal state of efficiency so you not only feel better but perform better physically, emotionally and mentally. Coherence is not the same thing as being in a relaxed state; rather it is more like being in what athletes call the zone. When you are in coherence, the activity in your nervous system is more in sync and functioning with ease and harmony. You feel better and perform better.

emWave calculates and displays your heart rhythm pattern by detecting your pulse from your finger or ear with an electronic sensor. It plots the speeding and slowing of your heart rate, and analyzes the heart rhythm pattern.

In general, a smoother resting heart rhythm pattern indicates a more synchronized autonomic nervous system (ANS) and a more balanced emotional and mental state. A more irregular, jagged resting pattern indicates a less synchronized nervous system and a more stressed emotional and mental state. Using a patented algorithm, emWave analyzes the degree of smoothness or jaggedness of your heart rhythm and assigns it a score. As you improve your score, you enter the Zone of high Coherence.

By utilizing the Coherence Coach® and learning the Quick Coherence technique, you will be able to better manage your emotional reactions and increase your coherence levels.

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