Inner Balance iOS 3.16.1968 Release Notes

Along with many lower-level improvements, we’d like to highlight a few of the new features:

1. You may now enable Classroom Mode upon launching Inner Balance, which will make classroom procedures much faster. We understand this has been a long-awaited enhancement, and we’re glad to bring it to you in this release.

2. Average BPM has been added to the Review screen as well as the Progress Charts. It was also a frequently requested enhancement, and we hope you like it.

3. We are now supporting the future Lightning sensors running at 250 Hz instead of the current 126 Hz. Inner Balance will sense which sensor it is using and switch automatically.

4. We are releasing the ability to run on the Apple Silicon Macs on an experimental basis. It will be available in the App Store on those Macs (currently MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13”.)

Additional Bug Fixes:
Suppress Quick Coherence Audio if Classroom Mode enabled
Removed Support for iOS 12
Registration: Removed Gender question
Added a setting to allow user to choose Light or Dark Mode or use Device Settings

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