What Mobile Devices are compatible with Inner Balance app and Sensor hardware?

The Inner Balance usage limitations are based on the version of the device hardware.
It is important for these devices to stay up to date with the latest OS systems available.
As support for the older OS systems is dropped by the manufacturer, Inner Balance will evolve.

Inner Balance App
The Apple App Store, Google Play Store and/or the Amazon App Store will install the newest version that your device is capable of running.
You can also handle App updates at the same source.

Minimum Requirements

  • Inner Balance needs iOS 9 or higher and which is not supported in iPhone's older than the iPhone 5 series.
  • Android needs OS 5 Marshmallow or higher.

HeartMath Sensors
The HeartMath Pulse Sensor is required to run sessions in Inner Balance.
To purchase a Sensor, tap the Buy Now button from within the app or go to the HeartMath Store.
The sensors may also be available through various other retail locations or HeartMath Distributors, Coaches, and Trainers.

Bluetooth Compatibility
The Inner Balance Bluetooth (BTLE) sensor works with iPhone 5 and newer, iPad 4th generation and newer.
Inner Balance Bluetooth uses BT4.0 (BTLE–Bluetooth Low Energy) which works at an output power range of 0.5 milliwatts (mW) or less — this is significantly lower than mobile phones which typically have output levels between 250 mW and 2000 mW.
The tiny Bluetooth emitter is in the module that attaches to your garment, not in the ear sensor.
Inner Balance Bluetooth is compliant with applicable FCC tests.

Please Note: All devices must have Bluetooth enabled to use the BTLE Sensor.
Additional Note: The "wired" Inner Balance sensor (#6415) has a Lightning charge connection and is only for iDevices with that connection.


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