How to operate the Sound Settings in Inner Balance

Sound settings: The Inner Balance app has several settings for sound.
Sound Effects Volume- controls the coherence tones which sound off every 5 seconds while running a session.
Music Volume- controls the selected soundtrack which plays while running a session.
Use the slide buttons in the Inner Balance app to operate the Volume levels on both options. Or you can use the Volume controls on the device itself.

Sound Effects Volume
If you have not selected one or more music tracks from your music files, then Music Volume does not affect anything.
If you have selected music track(s) the Soundtrack volume also controls the devices master volume so turning it up/down will also affect the devices main volume controls.
You cannot hear the Coherence tones if you have a soundtrack selected but have the Sound Effects Volume turned all the way down. If you would like to change the Soundtrack tap Clear.
You can also turn the soundtrack off by using the Speaker Icon on the Main Screen, at any time.


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