Sharing Session Data from the HeartCloud with your Practitioner

As you work with your Practitioner, it may become necessary for you to share your Session Data with them for review.

It is a requirement that your Practitioner has emWave PRO, which allows for multiple users.

(Please Note: If you run sessions as a User in your Practitioners office, you cannot use the Read Only access feature with that same User account.)

This procedure is the same for Inner Balance, emWave2 or emWave PRO and is as follows:
Click or Tap the HeartCloud icon to get to the HeartCloud.

Click or Tap the Sharing tab to see the Private Sharing Options
image showing the Enable sharing screen  
Check the Enable Sharing of session data with my practitioner button.
Enter a "Read-Only" password that you want to assign to your practitioner.

Click or Tap the Review icon and then, History
This brings up your Training History.
By default, All Sessions are selected.
If you don't want all of them to be accessible, Click – Clear.
Then put a check in the box next to each session you wish to share with your practitioner.



Have your Practitioner create a User Account for you in their version of emWave PRO, if they don't already have one for you.
That User Account needs to use the same email that you use to log on to HeartCloud.
The password will be the "Read-Only" password that you created during the Sharing process above.
The Practitioner selects your User Account in emWave PRO, and logs on and sync's to the HeartCloud using the email and password you assigned to them.
They will now see all of your selected Sessions in the Progress View.

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