The Emotion Visualizer® has graphic displays that change as your coherence level changes. What we mean by Emotion Visualizer is this: As you organize your emotional intentions to send out love, care or appreciation, the visual images change to reflect your emotional coherence level. The visual images provide feedback so you can get the feel of when you are increasing your coherence by self-generating positive emotions.

Visualizers contain the element of a Breath Pacer as well. As you run them, you’ll notice that everything is connected, including the Session data display at the bottom of each visualizer.

Choose one of the Visualizers:

We are proud to re-introduce the Mandala visualizer! As the Mandala image contracts and expands, breathe out on contraction and in on expansion. The length of time spent in the different coherence levels will be displayed as either green, blue or red bars on the outside ring. Your Session data measurements will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and captured on the main Session View as well.

You may run any visualizer or game in a separate window if you would like. From the main Session View screen, click on View, select Games and Visualizer and choose Separate Window. Please Note: That is the only way to activate the separate window feature.

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