Games FAQ

The Games in the emWave Programs can be wonderful addition to your daily regimen! They provide an entertaining and visual representation of the currently running session results. A lot of folks enjoy the games and visualizers as an alternative to the scientific profile presented by the main HRV graph screen.

What is the average time of each Game?
The games are of different durations.

  • Balloon – approx. 10 mins. (approximately because the quicker you get into high coherence the sooner you can finish the game)
  • Rainbow – approx. 5 mins.
  • Garden – approx. 3 mins.

Please Note: The Challenge Levels can directly impact the game results. If someone is struggling with the game in a higher Challenge Level, you may need to adjust to a lower Challenge Level.

Do you need to finish? 
As with any session, you can quit at any time.
However, if you don't complete a game, the session/game must have run for a minimum of 30 seconds in order for the session data to record.

Do I measure HRV first then go into a game?
No, you don’t need to view the HRV graph before starting a game in the emWave program. Feel free to just go ahead and start the game. The program will automatically begin a session on the main graph screen simultaneously.
However, you do need to start a session on the HRV graph first if you are going to use the third party games like Dual Drive or Tropical Heat.
In that case, start the session first and then open either of those games.

At what point do I introduce the game to a client/patient?
You can introduce the games at any point but it's dependent upon the client's progress. The client needs to be able to get more than 51% in Medium and/or High Coherence consistently in order for the games to work effectively.

Additional Information:
Some folks don’t do well with the kind of stimulation that the Games provide and others excel at it. There are some that find the emWave program a distraction and just want to sit with their eyes closed and breathe. You will know who can tolerate it and who can’t. For your convenience, the session data is displayed on each of the games as it's running.

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