Emotion Visualizer Pro Installation Instructions



From the emWave PC Product Updates screen, click the "Download Installer" link and Open "Patch emWave 1.0.8b.exe" and follow the instructions to patch emWave PC.

You will find the Patch at: emWave Updates

NOTE: If you are not sure whether you have already run this patch, it's ok to run it again.

Confirm that you have installed the patch successfully. Open emWave PC and select "About emWave PC" from the Help menu. The first line at the top should look similar to the following line: emWave® PC 1.0.8b  

After the patch has been installed, open the folder titled "Visualizer Pro" and then double-click "SetUpVizPro.exe". Follow the instructions to finish the install. Once the installation is complete, restart your computer.  

That's it! Emotion Visualizer Pro will now launch instead of the standard Emotion Visualizer that was included with emWave PC. You will also see an updated Emotion Visualizer page in emWave PC that allows you to open the additional visualizations directly.

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