I’m having trouble with the emWave Games on my Mac

Apple has been working on a 64-bit transition for macOS and macOS apps.  Final transition dates have not yet been established.  Because of this you may find your 32-bit applications, including emWave Games, produce a warning message and/or do not run well.
HeartMath has a team of developers working on enhancing our games for the newest MacOS’s.  Meanwhile, the standalone games can be installed as workaround for this transition.  These Games and Visualizers connect to the emWave Program but run as a separate app.
Click Here to download the Games

Download the applets then install them by double clicking on the emWave Applets Mac.dmg file you downloaded.
Double click the yellow Installer box to begin the installation.


Follow the default prompts to complete the installation.


Once installed you will find them in the Applications folder in the emWave Applets folder. It's convenient to create a desktop shortcut.


Please start the emWave program. To verify the Games settings, Click on "emWave Pro or emWave2" in the upper left corner at the top.

Choose – Preferences, choose – Advanced tab. Put a check in External Games Communication Settings and check – Send Pulse Data.

(emWave2 does not have this feature – Send Pulse Data)
To use them, start the emWave Pro software and select the User Profile for the current session then leave the software running but do not start a session.

Open the Applications folder then find and open the emWave Applets folder, double click on the game or visualizer you want to use, Start and Stop the session using the Start and Stop buttons in the game screen.

The session data will be saved in the User Profile you have selected.

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