How often should I use the emWave2?

We recommend that you build coherence with the emWave2 system by being in the blue (medium coherence) and increasingly the green (high coherence) for five minutes or more each day, as well as ten minutes once a week. You can do your five or ten minute sessions, using the Quick Coherence® technique, at any time of the day. This is detailed in your literature that came with the emWave2 or in the emWave Library located in the emWave program.  An easy and entertaining way to gain skill with the Quick Coherence technique is to use it while engaging the Coherence Coach®.

Recommended times are:

• first thing in the morning before you start your day
• before meetings or sensitive communications
• right after lunch to get back in a productive work mode
• mid-afternoon to refresh from an afternoon “slump”
• after work to enjoy your evening more
• right before bed to reset your body’s rhythms for more restful sleep

Please see the Practice Plan that came with your emWave2 or in the Downloads section of the HeartMath Knowledge Base for more information on how to best use the emWave2.

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