No lights are showing during the emWave2/PSR charging process.


Using the USB battery charge cable or you may use a USB wall charger into a wall socket, insert the battery charge cable into the emWave2/PSR charging jack. A green light should show immediately in the pulse sensor area to indicate that charging has begun.

NOTE: The 2 earliest versions (PD200605 & PD200608) of the emWave PSR do not have this feature.

If the emWave device is in a deep discharge you may experience this issue. After plugging the emWave2/PSR into the battery charge cable, the unit may not show the charging lights at first. Wait for 15 – 20 minutes; at some point during this time the charging indicator light will go on. Continue to charge the unit for 2 hours past this point and the unit will be fully charged.

Occasionally, when you first plug the unit into the battery charger, you will only see a quick flash of 2 solid lights at the bottom of the breath pacer, no green light in the pulse area and then the unit goes dark completely. This is indicative of an incomplete connection in the wall socket. Try using a different wall socket.

Leave the emWave2/PSR on the battery charger for 2 hrs. at which point the device should be fully charged. Note: Always remove it from the battery charger before usage.

NOTE: It is not recommended to leave the emWave unit on the charger for more than 2 hours.

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