Exporting emWave PRO session data

If you are interested in exporting session data, there a several formats that the emWave PRO session data can be exported in.

NOTE: We do not support parsing data for interpretation in Excel. However, you can view the raw, inter-beat interval (IBI) data in Excel. Use this procedure: IBI Data

If you want a more readable format, Go to Preferences -> Advanced ->click –  Export to v2 Format.
Check the box of the User file that you wish to export and click the Export button.
Name the file and click Save. The XML file format has better, more readable labels on the data.

For Researcher’s:

Are you running KUBios HRV Data Analysis?
You can import emWave PRO sessions into KUBios.

Use the report filter to get an RR.txt file  from emWave Export feature.
Open the new txt file that you just created and remove the header info. 
Delete the information looks similar to this:

–firstname lastname Session 1 at 4/2/2014 11:32:36 am 125 points

Now that your data file contains a simple list of the RR numeric values it can be imported into KUBios.

NOTE: KUBios software is only written for the PC and Linux; there isn’t a download available for the Mac from the server in Finland.  However, if you can install it on a PC, the procedure above will work, provided you export from the emWave PRO for Mac in the way described.  Simply transfer it to the PC and import.

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