Moving the Freeze-Framer Database file

1. Your session data is contained in the "FF2.MDB" file in the Freeze-Framer folder you can find the location of the data file by going to the Help menu , and About Freeze-Framer 2.0. You can open the Data Folder by clicking on the small "Show" button inside the "About" dialog box. This will open the folder in the Windows Explorer. Right click and copy the folder (FF2.MDB). Copy the data folder into another folder on your desktop for safe keeping. Note: You can always back up the file onto a cd or other Data storage devices to safely store it outside of your computer. If the FF2.MDB file is too large to fit on the storage devices you have available you may use a shareware program such as WinZip to compress or segment the file. Note: See for details.


2. To install the Freeze-Framer software on the new drive you will have to change the destination folder to the new drive letter. Every time the Freeze-Framer installation asks for a location to load files change the string to the new drive letter. Run the Freeze-Framer program on the new drive paste the data file in the Freeze-Framer folder located in the same place you copied the original folder from, now on the new drive, replacing the existing copy of the file. Close the Freeze-Framer program. Restart the Freeze-Framer program and check to make sure that the old session data is present. The file opens with the Microsoft Access database program.

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