Import emWave PC Data into emWave Desktop PC

In order to transfer data from the emWave PC, Version 1, to the new emWave Desktop, PC version 2, please perform the following:

Ensure that the previous version of the emWave PC or Freeze-Framer is closed.


From within the emWave Desktop, go to the File dropdown menu, and access “Import emWave PC V1…”


This will result in an “Open emWave PC Database” window.  There should be one file showing, with the name “FF2.mdb”.  This will start the import process.  When it is finished, your data should all be present in the new emWave Desktop and renamed with the file extension –  .emdb


You can check for it by looking in the User dropdown list, selecting a user, and then using the View Progress icon.  The transferred data will display in the main window.


(Please Note: This version is no longer supported by HeartMath Technical Support.)



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