I am having difficulty registering Dual Drive or Tropical Heat

In order to register you must have purchased a serial number. The serial number looks something like "00018-7G4D9ABD0D1J”.

Open the Somatic Vision Product Registration by going to "Start Menu -> Programs -> {Your Product} -> Register" (or if the trial has ended just press "Yes" to activate when asked to activate).

Enter the serial number in the "Product Serial Number" field.

The product name, computer code and product status will all automatically fill in when you enter a valid serial number.

Click the button www.somaticvision.com/registration/ to register on line with this computer. If the computer you are using does not have internet access you will need to write down the computer code and serial number, go to another computer (with internet), and go to our registration page at www.somaticvision.com/registration/

Enter your details and press "Unlock Product". Write down the unlock code you receive.

Enter the unlock code into the "Enter unlock code" section of the Somatic Vision Product Registration and press "Submit Registration ". Make sure to enter the unlock code into the one computer you want to unlock (if you got the code using another computer’s internet access switch back to the original computer to enter the unlock code).

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