I don’t feel particularly happy or relaxed and yet I have good coherence; why?

If you've done a lot of self-regulation activities, like yoga and/or meditation, or have a "youthful physiology", you may have a higher degree of baseline physiological coherence than the average individual. In such situations, it's possible to have a high degree of physiological coherence, which is what the emWave program measures, and at the same time feel stressed.

We suggest that you increase the program's challenge level, which raises the threshold on what the emWave program considers to be medium and high coherence. This will help to differentiate between physiological and emotional coherence.

Also, put an emphasis on practicing the Quick Coherence technique, where for a period of a few minutes, you activate a feeling of appreciation for something or someone in your life. This is a necessary step in getting a high coherence score at the two upper challenge levels. Rhythmic breathing typically isn't sufficient.

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