Inner Balance seems to drain my battery quickly.

The Inner Balance Trainer app is not any more graphic intensive or power consuming than any other app you may have. The real problem may be running too many apps at one time.

To see what apps may be running silently in the background, including the Inner Balance Trainer, please follow this procedure.


  • Turn on your device.
  • After the device starts up, press the start button twice – rapidly in succession.

Now you should be able to see all of the apps that are currently running.
Press and hold on one of the open apps.
A small minus sign (-) will appear in the upper left corner of each app.
Tap the minus sign to close each app.

When you are finished closing apps, press the Start button again to return to the home screen.


  • Tap – Settings on the homepage
  • Select – Apps
  • Tap – Force Stop to close each app that is open (except for Inner Balance)

Even though the apps appear to be dormant, they maintain use readiness and that uses power.
By closing any apps that aren't in use, you will increase your battery life significantly.

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