Inner Balance FAQ

What is the Inner Balance app?
The Inner Balance app is an innovative approach to improving wellness through training, education and self-monitoring. It helps you change your reaction to stress, gain insights in your shifting moods and create a more positive outlook on life, while tracking your progress, journaling your accomplishments and sharing it with others.
How does it work?
Simply connect the HeartMath Sensor to your device and attach the ear piece to your ear. Tap in the space below the breath pacer to start your session. Follow the pacer and the prompts below to help you regulate your breathing, activate a positive emotion and restore your Inner Balance.
What devices does the Inner Balance App work on?
iOS 9 or greater & Android5 or greater   Most devices have BTLE capability, which is a requirement for the BlueTooth sensor for Android.
Is there a user manual available?
This Inner Balance manual is for Android 5 or greater and iOS 9 or greater.
Product Manual
iOS:  This manual is designed for iOS 7 or iOS 8.2 using the Lightning connector.
Product Manual
We also have a manual for older devices that are running iOS 6 using a 30 pin sensor.
Product Manual
Why do I need to use an ear sensor?
The Inner Balance App uses an ear sensor to capture your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data. This data gives the most accurate, in-the-moment reading of your heart rhythm patterns.
Do I have to wear the ear sensor all of the time?
No, only when you are running a live session. You don’t need to use the ear sensor when making notes in the journal or reviewing your progress.
Do you have a finger sensor that will work for the mobile app?
No, the finger sensor is not designed to work with the Inner Balance app. The power requirements for the finger sensor prevents an accurate acquisition of HRV data.
What is the difference between the emWave2® and the Inner Balance app?
The Inner Balance is an app that is specifically designed for the Android, iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch and tablets that do not run a full versioned operating system such as ChromeBook. The emwave2 is a portable, handheld device that gives you the capability to run sessions as well as record them. It includes a software component that can be used on both Windows and Mac platforms. In addition to tracking your progress, the emWave2 offers you several applications to help you sustain coherence. The software can also be used in combination with the additional, third party coherence games such as: Dual Drive and Tropical Heat. A comparison chart of the features of the Inner Balance Trainer versus the emWave2 can be viewed here:
Can you download sessions into your computer?
Yes, using either emWave Pro or emWave 2, sessions are saved automatically at the end of each session that is 30 seconds or longer. These sessions will also be submitted to the user’s HeartCloud account, if you have set one up for that User. Any sessions ran on the Inner Balance app will automatically go to your HeartCloud account. If you have either emWave Pro or emWave 2 and have a User account of the same name and email address, you can sync that user account to the HeartCloud and automatically import your session data to your emWave program.
What is the difference between Inner Balance and the emWave Pro?
Inner Balance is a single user only app for mobile devices. The emWave Pro is the complete computer software version of the emWave technologies. It allows you to create multiple user profiles and track the progress of each individually. Additionally, it has several applications to help you learn to sustain coherence. The software can also be used in combination with the additional coherence powered games: Dual Drive and Tropical Heat.
Does the Inner Balance App save my sessions? Can I delete sessions?
Your sessions will be automatically saved to your HeartCloud account so you can easily track your progress and return to past sessions to add notes in your journal. You can also delete sessions.
Can I share my sessions with my friends?
Absolutely! You can share aspects of your session, but not all of the session data. You choose what data to share.
What should I feel? Or What does coherence feel like?
Coherence is a state of internal synchronization between the heart and the brain. People experience coherence as a sense of inner calm and balance, an increased focus, while others experience coherence as a more relaxed state. Breath regulation is the gateway tool used to begin nervous system relaxation and help you get into coherence.
How long do I practice before it has any effects?
While everyone is different and some people have more inner stress than others, most people experience some sustainable results within the first couple of weeks of regular practice. The effects of coherence will increase the more often you use your Inner Balance Trainer.
When should I change the Challenge Level?
Use the Challenge levels to create a deeper, more enriching experience of coherence. When you can achieve 80% high coherence and sustain it for a few minutes, consistently, then it’s time to challenge yourself with a higher level. Don’t be discouraged if your results are lower and it’s harder to get into high coherence. It’s 15% harder between each of the first 3 levels and 30% harder for the highest challenge level. From the lowest level, this is a 60% harder degree of difficulty, getting into and sustaining High coherence. Your results will change with practice.
Where can I get more training?
There are several options for more training. Visit our store at for books on Transforming Stress or Transforming Anxiety. There are also a number of free webinars on a variety of topics available at Additionally, to learn the various HeartMath tools and techniques you can visit or work with a licensed HeartMath Coach.
Why should I get the emWave2/Pro if I have this App?
The emWave2 and the emWave Pro provide more detailed graphical HRV information as well as other applications, coherence powered games and visualizers to help you sustain coherence. They can both be used with the additional coherence powered games: Dual Drive and Tropical Heat. You can view more session data from your Inner Balance by downloading the emWave2 free software to your computer ( and connecting to your HeartCloud account. Although, you can only run Inner Balance on your mobile device.
Can I use the camera instead of buying the ear sensor?
The camera feature on your device is non-functional to the Inner Balance App. You need the sensor in order to acquire your pulse data and display in sessions.
What is the science behind the Inner Balance App?
Synchronizing your breathing with your heart rhythms while focusing on positive emotions has been shown to reduce the negative effects of stress, improve relaxation, and build resilience by practicing just a few minutes, daily. The Inner Balance app incorporates our emWave technology (a patented, proprietary algorithm) to display your heart rhythm pattern (HRV). This, along with the breathing pacer and other feedback, train you to self-regulate your heart rhythm pattern to a healthier, coherent state.
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