Inner Balance BTLE Light Signals

Turn on the sensor with a quick ½ second press and release on the button, you will see the rapidly flashing blue light indicating that the sensor is ready to connect to the app.
Open the Inner Balance app on your device.
The app will find the sensor and display the serial number for your sensor.
Tap that number to continue and begin using the app.
For your convenience, here is a document that describes each of the different light signal combinations which may be displayed on the BTLE sensor.
Click Here

Charging Tips:
When the Sensor is fully charged the Red Led Light on the Sensor will glow steadily.
After 3 hours of full charge if you are still not seeing a red light glowing steadily the issue could be due to a bad USB Cable.
The Bluetooth Sensor can be charged with any standard USB cable.
Please try swapping the cable with another USB cable and keep the Sensor for charging to see if that solves the issue.

NOTE: Your product comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. If your device is defective we will be more than happy to replace the unit

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