How to add an image/photo to Inner Balance

You must have an image/photo in the device Camera Roll.
Find an image/photo that you find relaxing or pleasing.
Tip: It can be anything, a photo of your family, friends, pets or place.
Something that inspires that positive, upbeat feeling inside of you. It might even be an interesting design that helps you to keep your focus.
Open the Inner Balance app.
Choose Settings ( the Gear icon ) > My inspiration > Image > Select
Browse to your photos in the Camera Roll and select the photo you want by tapping the photo.
When that photo opens, tap Choose (or Choose Photo – Use, on an iPad).

To change the photo or go back to the default image, use the same procedure but tap the Clear button to make the changes.

Inner Balance may respond with:  This app does not have access to your photos or videos. 
If it does, go back out to your home screen and access the Device Settings. 
To enable access  Go to Settings > Privacy > Photos then enable Inner Balance to access your Photos.


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