Connecting the Inner Balance hardware to your device

iOS only
Connecting the Inner Balance hardware to your Apple Mobile device is easy.
When plugging in or disconnecting the Connectors, be very careful to maintain an even pressure.
Since this is also the charging port for your mobile device, make sure your device is charged before you make the sensor connection.

iOS and Android
The Bluetooth (BTLE) sensor connects to iOS (and Android) devices and does not have a physical connection. Press the rubber button on the sensor pod to see a blue, flashing light. Open the Inner Balance app and press the Start arrow to make the app start scanning for the Bluetooth sensor. Once you see your sensor ID number displayed, (verify that it matches the number on the back side of the sensor pod) tap it to accept and wait for the device to calibrate and begin a session. It usually takes approx. 20 seconds to begin.

file sharing image for IB backup      file sharing image for IB backup

             Lightning Sensor                              BTLE Sensor

For Lightning Sensors, plug the connector into the charge port on your device.

Please Note: The 30 Pin connector uses the same connection port on 30 Pin devices.

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