Can I use my earbuds with the Inner Balance app?

Jun 23, 2021

Yes, you can!
Please Note: You can only use one Bluetooth device at a time, so that connection will work for your earbuds. The HeartMath BTLE Sensor only pairs with the App, not your device (even if you weren’t using your earbuds).

There are two different procedures that depend on your activity choice.
Procedure 1: For use with the Inner Balance App only

  • Plug in the HeartMath sensor.
  • Open the Inner Balance app.
  • Tap the Settings icon, top of the screen-upper left.
  • Tap the Select Button next to Soundtrack.
  • Select a song that fits your mood from anything already on your device.
  • Tap Done, connect your earbuds and start a Session.

Your custom music Soundtrack will begin immediately.
You will also hear the Coherence tones thru the earbuds unless you mute them in the App.

Procedure 2: For use with an external App and the Inner Balance App at the same time.

  • Pair your earbuds with your device
  • Open your external App (music or meditation etc.) and begin listening to your selection
  • Start the Inner Balance App and pair your Bluetooth (BTLE) sensor to the App (not the device)
  • Begin your Session

Please Note: The Inner Balance BTLE sensor must only be paired with the App and never the device.

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