Tips on using a GamePad controller

Tropical Heat

  1.  First attach the Gamepad to the computer.
  2. Open Tropical Heat
  3. Go to options, and choose Gamepad, you will then need to follow a set of instructions to press various keys and directions on the gamepad, please follow this carefully.  If you make a mistake, hit back and start again.

If you do have errors with the gamepad, most likely they should come up during the actual configuration.  The exception is if multiple buttons or joysticks on your gamepad are being seen by Windows as the same, in which case Tropical Heat can't map your gamepad properly.

Some gamepads have a "MODE" button on them.  If your gamepad is not working with Tropical Heat, and it has a mode button, or any sort of switch that lets you select different gamepad modes/maps, try changing the mode, then go back to options and configure the gamepad again for use with Tropical Heat.

A great majority of gamepads are either Logitech, or the Xbox controller (made for the Xbox but works on the PC).  Tropical Heat has been tested to work perfectly with these gamepads.

Dual Drive

Dual Drive does not have full gamepad configuration ability, but there is some ability under the right most tab of the Dual Drive options screen.  Dual Drive basically only has right/left (forward) steering. It’s possible that one of your gamepad joysticks or button sets will already work.


Notebook PC’s have a limited Video Memory.
The games will work, but they can be very slow.

Try these suggestions to improve the speed:

  • Under Tropical Heat options, select "very low" quality to improve speed.
  • Drag the window to make it smaller.
  • Close other open programs, especially Internet Browsers.

Basically, Tropical Heat is an intensive 3d game, so it likes recent computers with strong graphics cards, and will play and look much better on them.


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