Coherence Powered Games

These games are unique in their nature. They are goal oriented in that High Coherence which is your goal.
However, at the same time, the harder you try to get into High Coherence, the slower the pace of the game gets.
Good results will be attained by your ability to ignore outside influences and focus only on your breathing and controlling your heart rate.
The games are meant as an exercise of your coherent self and a whimsical illustration of the power of Coherence. Enjoy!

Balloon Game

Watch your hot air balloon rises off the ground and travel through the landscape. The higher your coherence score, the faster your balloon will move.

When you enter into Low Coherence, the balloon will fly lower and slow down.
Enjoy the scenery and music, as your balloon travels around the world. Try to travel as far as possible in the available time.

User Tip — The default time on the Balloon game is 10 minutes. However, the sooner you get into High Coherence and sustain it, the sooner you can go through the game.
Challenge yourself to complete the game under the default time!

Garden Game

As you maintain coherence, watch a dry, black-and-white nature scene gradually fill with color and running water. Animals and other surprises will appear!
The Garden will become more and more colorful as long as you are in medium or high coherence.
It may complete its cycle, including the appearance of all the animals and other surprises in as little as two minutes.
The Garden Game will come to an end after three minutes.

Rainbow Game

As you maintain medium or high coherence, watch a rainbow gradually appear in the upper left corner of the screen, and then extend downwards and across your screen until it reaches the pot of gold and begins to fill it with gold coins! The higher your coherence score, and the more time you spend in a coherent state, the more coins will fill your pot of gold.
The Rainbow game completes it’s cycle in five minutes.

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