emWave PRO and PRO Plus – Older OS Versions Release Notes

 Welcome to emWave Pro and Pro Plus!

This version of emWave® Pro and Pro Plus contains enhancements and better supports OS X10.10 and 10.11 and Higher. Windows 8.1, 10 and higher. Your data files will be retained during installation.

HeartMath does not support emWave2 software installed with emWave Pro because the Pro version contains the features of both programs. However, if you have both make sure you are running the same versions.

Minimum System Requirements for Mac:

  • Mac OS® X 10.7 Lion or newer operating system.
  • Recommend Core™2 Duo at 1.8GHz or faster processor
  • One available USB Port – HeartMath’s USB module sensor is required for Assessments
  • Internet connectivity required for HeartCloud access

Minimum System Requirements for Windows: 

  • Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.
  • 1.8 GHz or faster processor recommend Intel® Core™2 Duo at 2.0GHz or faster
  • 2 GB RAM – recommended 4GB or more
  • One available USB Port – HeartMath’s USB module sensor is required for Assessments
  • Internet connectivity required for HeartCloud access

We hope you enjoy the many enhancements and bug fixes including 

  • The Library files have been updated. The option to use the local, embedded Library in Preferences instead of the online version from HeartCloud, still exists for computers that are not connected to the Internet.
  • The Help topics search feature has been enhanced and should simplify the process of finding answers to your questions as well as all the information you need on HeartMath training, tools , science and additional resources.
  • This version includes updates for better performance on the latest version of Windows and Mac.
  • New Users will be created as local users. To set up or connect users to HeartCloud, go to Review Progress and select Set-up HeartCloud.
  • emWave has also been enhanced for better tracking and display when syncing sessions from HeartCloud and Inner Balance. You will now see all of the latest information displayed in emWave regarding any sessions or journals you may have been syncing, if you have Inner Balance on your Android or iOS device.

Important information for emWave Pro Plus Assessment Users:

If you are not prompted for a Registration on application launch, select the Registration menu item under the emWave Pro menu on Mac or under the Help menu on PC. Enter your 11 character emWave Pro Plus Registration Key.

From the View Menu choose Assessment. Validate or enter the users date of birth, a requirement for Assessment. Gender is not a requirement for Assessment since the normative comparison data for Assessment is only age related. For more information on Assessment, click the Help icon.


Individual heart rate variability patterns differ widely from one person to another. There are no right or wrong patterns. The coherence scores displayed by the products are especially useful for comparing one’s own progress in increasing ability to maintain a physiologically coherent state with practice; they should not be compared between one individual and another. 

Individuals with heart rhythm irregularities, such as atrial fibrillation, flutter or intense clusters of premature atrial contractions and children who are unable to sit still may be unable to successfully use the emWave products.

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