How to use the Advanced Mode on your emWave handheld device

Advanced Mode is indicated by the emWave unit making 3 tones at start up.

To exit the Advanced Mode, press and hold the top portion of the thumb sensor down for 10 seconds or until you hear 4 rapid beeps in succession (high, high, high, low).

To enter Advanced Mode, turn the emWave unit on, you will hear 2 tones.
Next, press and hold the top of the Sensor Button for ten seconds. Your entrance into Advanced Mode is confirmed by 5 distinctly fast beeps (low, low, low, low, high).

Now connect to the device using the Ear Sensor or Thumb Sensor Button and wait for the pulse calibration to start an active session. After the pulse calibration procedure has completed, you’ll see the HRV Display.

Note: You can also enter the Advanced Mode from an active session in Basic Mode the same way, by pressing and holding the top of the Sensor Button for 10 seconds. Entrance into Advanced Mode from an active session will be indicated by the five fast beeps.

3 Advanced Modes:

Once you are in the Advanced Mode, Press the top button once (until it beeps once) to get into the HRV display.
HRV is represented by lights at the top and bottom of the Heart Action Strip with some lights going up and down, but only in the middle.
Press it once again (until it beeps once) to get into the Stealth Mode.
Stealth Mode is displayed by all of the lights being extinguished except for the Coherence indicator at the top.
Stealth Mode will make your emWave unit appear to be malfunctioning. The only visible function available will be the Coherence indicator light at the top of the unit.
Press the top of the button once more (until it beeps once) to cycle back to the Basic Mode.

NOTE: While the emWave device is in the Advanced Mode, any settings you make will be retained and appear when you next use the device. If you are not in the Advanced Mode and are using the Basic Mode, all settings are reset when you turn it off.

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