How to edit the Date/Time on a Saved Session

If the date on a Session has been recorded incorrectly, the emWave software has a feature that allows you to change the date on a previously recorded and saved session. This feature is available in both the emWave PRO and emWave2 versions of the software.

  • Select – Review Progress
  • Select the session that you want to edit.
  • Click on the Session tab in the Inspector.
  • Click the Date to see the Change Session Date/Time dialog box
  • Click OK to save your changes


NOTE: You must choose a date less than or equal to today.  
You may not change a date on a session to occur in the future.

Additional Note: If the incorrect date is a result from importing Sessions from the emWave2 handheld device, you must wipe the device before continuing to accrue data or the date issue will continue. Follow the procedure below to synchronize the internal clock to the present date.
Please be aware that any Sessions that haven't been imported will be lost.

  • Click the File tab, upper left, and select Sync emWave2.
  • On the Transfer emWave2 Sessions screen, click the Options button, check the box that reads "Wipe Device" and click OK.

Follow the prompts to wipe the device.
Close the emWave program, wait for about 30 seconds and reopen the program.

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