Connecting the emWave2 to the computer: Enumeration

When you first plug the emWave2 into the computer, regardless if it is a Mac or a PC, there must be five blue lights present in the Heart Action Strip.  This is called Enumeration, and indicates that the emWave2 is connected to the computer, and that the computer operating system recognizes the emWave2 as a Human Interface Device (HID).

The blue lights will rise and fall, also indicating that the charging system is working.

If there are not five blue lights at first, unplug and re-plug in the emWave2.  This should result in the presence of the five blue lights.  If it does not, repeat the process.

It’s possible that you may have to do this several times initially, in order to get it to connect.
After that, it should connect every time.
If this solution doesn’t resolve the issue, please contact HeartMath Tech Support.

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