Charging the emWave2®

The emWave2 does not come with a wall charger, instead, a USB cable is supplied and serves the dual purpose of charging the emWave2 and providing the interface capability to the emWave software program.

It charges the device when it is plugged into the USB port on a computer or by a USB wall charger, purchased separately. When charging by using the USB port on a computer, the computer must be turned on to allow power to the emWave2.

Please Note:If your computer is set to hibernate or sleep, it will turn off power to the USB ports and cease charging the emWave2 device.

When you connect the emWave2 handheld device to a computer you should have a green light on at the bottom of the emWave2. This indicates there is power to the emWave2.
Right above that green light you must have 5 blue bars that are cycling up from the bottom to the 5th place in the Heart Action Strip.

If you see 2 blue bars blinking instead of 5 blue bars, update to the current version of the emWave program you’re running, to fix the issue. If you are still having issues, please contact HeartMath Tech Support (1-800-450-9111) for assistance.

You will know the emWave2 is at full charge when there are 5 solid bars showing in the Heart Action Strip. If one of the bars is still flickering, consider the device fully charged. With a full charge the emWave2 should run for 5 to 6 hours of continuous use.

The emWave2 uses a high quality Lithium Ion rechargeable battery controlled by an on board battery management micro controller.

Please Note: this battery is rechargeable but not replaceable. Opening the emWave device will void the warranty.

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