Sync the emWave2 device with your computer.

The emWave2 hand held unit is “fresh” until it is synced to the software for the first time.
When first synced, a Digital ID number is generated which identifies the hand held device to the computer software. For more information, refer to the emWave2 Software Tour in the Library titled, “Sync emWave2 sessions to computer.”

Once connected to the computer using the USB cable, a solid connection is indicated by blue lights flashing in the heart action strip.

After its installed and recognized, you can sync and transfer previously recorded sessions from the device to your computer and use the hand held as your sensor for running live sessions on the computer; either plug the ear sensor into the device, or use the button/sensor on the unit itself.

Sessions run on the emWave2 handheld are automatically saved on the device and may be transferred into the emWave software on your computer using the Sync emWave2 feature. The emWave2 will store 18 hours of recorded sessions before you have to sync the unit with your computer. After that it will simply stop recording but it can still be used. Synching the emWave device is not a requirement to use, only to saving recorded sessions.

These sessions are combined with any other sessions already on your computer and may be viewed in the “Review Progress” view. Sessions ran on the emWave2 device will display a device icon in that view.

To transfer the sessions, plug in your emWave2, Open the emWave program and select “Sync emWave2…” from the File menu. Make sure, the check box “Sync Session Data with Device” is checked.
If you want to make it automatically delete the sessions off of the emWave2 device after it finishes importing, you must also enable the check box “Delete handheld session data after import”. Then click the OK button.

After clicking the OK button, a dialog box should appear and show you a progress bar for the transfer. Depending on how many sessions are stored, the transfer can take 30 seconds to up to 5 minutes for 15 or more hours of data. Once the session data has been transferred, the dialog allows you to show the details of each session that was transferred, and how they were handled.

Unless the session has the status of “Duplicate”—which means that they were previously transferred—they have been automatically added to your database, where you can review them in Progress Review. You can then delete unwanted sessions in Progress View or leave them in the session database. When the transfer is complete, click OK to dismiss the dialog.

CAUTIONARY NOTE REGARDING WIPE: Sync your sessions first before you Wipe the device, if you want to transfer those sessions to your software.  If you click the Advanced button on the “Transfer emWave2 Sessions” dialog box, you will be able to see the current associated device user and the emWave2 ID.

This additional check box called Wipe, will delete all stored sessions from the emWave2 handheld device and disassociates it from the application database, therefore it is only recommended if you are transferring the ownership of the device to another user.

The emWave2 software does not support more than one user and can only be associated with a single handheld device. For multiple users & device support please upgrade, or make sure you are using the emWave PRO software. However, each emWave2 handheld device can be used with multiple computers through the use of the “Wipe” feature, so you can use it at home and at work. For maximum flexibility and added functionality, you can upgrade your software to emWave PRO, visit our online store for more information:

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