Installing emWave PRO/PLUS or emWave2

Please Note: You must have Administrator rights to install this program.

To check on this, Click-Control Panel and User Accounts.
Verify you are logged in with Administrator privileges.

Note: You can download any of the emWave programs from the HeartMath Knowledgebase at

Once the emWave program is downloaded from the website, locate it in your Downloads folder and click on the Installer package in the folder.

Follow the prompts presented to complete the installation.

Updating the emWave program:

  • Open the emWave program.
  • PC: Click on the word – Help, select – Check for Updates.
  • MAC: Click – emWave Pro, upper left, choose – Check for Updates.

If the emWave program finds an Update is available, it will retrieve it upon your consent.

After the new Update has downloaded from the Internet, emWave will uninstall the version that is on your computer and re-install the new updated version. Please do not be concerned by this, it’s a normal part of the installation process. If your computer is not connected to the Internet, it is advised that you do so periodically in order to get these updates.

Any Session data that you may already have in the program is kept in a file outside of the emWave program, for this very reason. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact HeartMath Technical Support.

Updates are unplanned events and can happen often and at any time.
HeartMath doesn’t release updates frequently, we prefer to compile them so that our updates are significant and not an annoyance.
Generally, these updates are small fixes and enhancements.
However, sometimes they are new features or games.
Make sure to keep your emWave program up to date.

Before the Install Wizard can proceed, there may be a screen that comes up asking permission to continue. Click-Allow.

Note: From here on, every time the User Account Control screen comes up, Click-Allow.

It may take a few moments to load the files before the Install Wizard starts.

  • You may need to disable security products that are set up to block installations such as third party anti-virus software.
  • The Program Disclaimer screen comes up next. Read it if you choose to or Click-Next.
  • The Release Notes are a description of the features contained within the emWave program.
  • You may choose to review them so that you can go looking for any new changes to features that you are already familiar with or discover new ones. After you are finished with them, Click-Next.
  • On the User Information screen, enter your name. You may also enter your company if you wish, but it is not necessary to do so. When you have finished this procedure, Click-Next.

Note: the User Information is only intended to identify each User and is not data that is transmitted to HeartMath.

  • Please Click-Finish to complete the installation process.
  • Open the emWave program from the desktop icon.
  • Enter the Registration number that has been provided for you on the backside of the emWave documentation that came with the product. Click-OK.

It is not required that you create an account on the HeartMath website or with the HeartCloud, in order to run the program. However, by doing so you gain the benefits of a repository for your Session data, being informed of new products and services associated with the emWave program.
You do have to create a User in the emWave programs; it has to have a place to start.

For individuals who are new to the emWave program, the Read Me file has program operating instructions and warnings. If you would prefer to read this file at a later time, just close it.

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