How to uninstall the emWave program

Windows 10
Go to the Start Menu and click on the Settings icon (lower left).
Click on System, Apps & Features to see the emWave app.
Click on the emWave app to see the Uninstall button.

Go back into C: Programs (X86) Look for the HeartMath folder for a clean uninstall.
Please Note: The User Database is not in this folder. It resides in Documents/ emWave / Media

The way to address this is to uninstall the software, restart the computer to flush all temporary files from memory and then reinstall the emWave software using an installer file you download from our website.
You will need your registration number to download the emWave Pro installer from our website, if you don’t have it handy you can get it from the software.
To do that on a Mac, start the software and then click on emWave Pro in the upper left corner of the screen and select About emWave Pro.
On a Windows computer, start the emWave Pro software and click on Help then About emWave Pro.
On the 3rd line in the next screen you will see the version number and next to that is your registration number.
Please close the emWave Pro software and disconnect the USB module from the computer.
If you are running the emWave Pro software on a Windows machine, please go into Control Panel and then into Programs and Features and Uninstall the emWave Pro software.
Now open Windows Explorer and go to C:/Program Files (x86) and look for a HeartMath folder, if you find one, Delete it, then close the screens and restart the computer.
If you are using a Mac computer open the Applications folder so you can see the emWave Pro listing.
Press and hold the Control key and click on the emWave Pro listing.
Release the Control key and click on Show Package Contents.
Double click on Contents.
Double click on SharedSupport.
Double click on Uninstall.
Click on Remove to Repair emWave.
You will be prompted for your computer password multiple times during the uninstall.
When the uninstall is complete, please restart the computer.
Now go to and download a copy of the emWave Pro.
When the download is complete, go into your Downloads folder and double click on the installer file to run it.
Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
On the Mac computers, you will be prompted near the end of installation to go into System Preference, then into Security and Privacy and on the General tab to Allow the HeartMath extensions.
The installation process will stop until you do this, so you will want to watch for that message screen, it may come up behind other screens, so closing screens will be helpful.
Connect the USB module to the computer, start the emWave Pro software and run a test session or two to verify that it is working correctly.

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