How to Print and or Convert a previous session to a .pdf file

The emWave PRO program will export session data out in a .json or .rr file only, but the data is in a raw form and is generally used by researchers and clinicians.
However, you may wish to print or convert a session to a .pdf suitable for emailing and readable by anyone.

Important Note: In order to use this method you must have a program (such as Adobe Acrobat Distiller) that will convert documents to .pdf files. A free .pdf creator solution is available at
NitroReader is a replacement for Adobe Acrobat Reader which gives you the option to print to a PDF file.

In Addition: Prior to printing a session, you may wish to add additional Header and/or Practitioner information.
Click the Edit tab and select Print. Add the information that you would like on the displayed form, then proceed.

Click the Sessions icon (the multi-colored Bar icon at the top of the emWave home screen)

Select the session that you wish to convert.

Click the File tab in the upper left and select Print.

In the printer queue, select Adobe .pdf (or your .pdf converter program) and save the document to the desktop.

Now you have a .pdf that you can email or print, Sessions out of the emWave program.

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