How to move session data between multiple databases or moving sessions between users in the same database.

In order to work with multiple databases, you have to enable this feature in the emWave PRO program.
Begin by going to Preferences and enabling multiple databases:

Windows: Click the Edit tab at the top of the emWave home screen, select-Preferences and check the box “Enable Multiple Databases”.
Mac:Click on the emWave PRO icon, then click the Preferences options and check the box "Enable Multiple Databases".

The default emWave PRO program database is: emwave.emdb

Please note that any additional database must be renamed or it will overwrite the existing main database.

You can create a database for each of your users, or break up your client base into sections such as alphabetically or numerically. We recommend keeping your emWave database's at or below 20 MB for maximum performance.
There isn’t a limit on the amount of databases that the program will accept.

To create a new database, click File-New Database, give the new database a name and save it.

It can be the user’s name, initials or some other identifier such as A-L, M-Z etc. it just can’t be emwave.emdb.

Now whenever you want to use that database to add or run sessions, simply click File-Open Database and select the database you would like to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you open the emWave program in the new database, you will be asked to create a User for that database. Since the emWave program has to have a place to start, this is mandatory. Also, please note that you are committed at this point and you cannot cancel or abort without completing this task.

Copying sessions from one database to another with multiple databases enabled.

  • First open both the source and the target databases.
  • Select the Progress window for both databases.
  • In the source database select the user your interested in
  • Highlight the sessions in the source database that you wish to copy.
  • Select Copy in the Edit menu.
  • Click on the target database window to make it active.
  • You may wish to add a new user from the User menu option at this time.
  • From the Progress window of the destination database, select Paste from the Edit menu

(Multiple sessions are selected in the standard Windows/Mac methods.)

Move a session from one user to another user in the same database:

  • Windows: Hold down the Control key and click with your mouse on the sessions you'd like to choose.

To click an entire range of sessions click with your mouse on the beginning of your range, and select the end of your range by holding down the Shift key and clicking again with your mouse.

  • Mac: use the Command key, or Shift with click.

For example, with several sessions displayed in the Review Progress View on a Windows computer, you can select the first and third sessions etc. by holding down the Control key and clicking on the first and third sessions or a block of consecutive sessions if you like.

While in the "Review Progress" view, select the session and switch to the user that you want to move the session into.

You should then see a dialog box asking for confirmation to move the session(s), click ok to continue with the move.

If you have any difficulties with these methods or any other technical issues with the emWave program, please contact HeartMath Technical support.

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