How to convert an emWave Pro data file export in JSON format to an Excel-readable format

NOTE: This article should only be used by professional HRV researchers. There isn’t any understandable information to be gained by the average user. HeartMath is not responsible for any loss or corruption of data.

Here is a Web site that will convert a JSON data file to a CSV file that can be read by Excel.

Screen shot below.

Use the “open” button to open the JSON file.
Use the “Export to CSV” button to create the CSV file that can be read into Excel.

Date and time fields in the data file are in Unix timestamp format.
Use this function to convert to a readable format:


Replace B26 with the appropriate cell location. Replace “-5” with the appropriate GMT offset for your time zone.

Use a custom cell format like “[$-409]m/d/yy h:mm:ss AM/PM;@” to display the date and time.

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