How do I switch between different data views in emWave Pro, like HRV or Pulse Wave?

While on the Session screen of emWave Pro, either running or reviewing an individual session you can switch the data view.

There is a small round gray button with a down arrow in it located in the top right hand corner of each of the two lower data views.  When you click on the button you will see the other choices you may select for each window pane.

The default view is HRV on the top window, Accumulated Coherence Score on the bottom left, Coherence Ratio on the bottom right.

Explore the options to display Accumulated Coherence, Spectrum Average, Power Spectrum, Coherence Ratio or Pulse.

PLEASE NOTE: emWave Pro has this feature because it is the full version of the software.
emWave2 does not have this feature.

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