HeartMath USB-C Sensor

At this time, the HeartMath USB-C sensor is limited to Android mobile devices, Windows and Apple computers only.
The HeartMath USB-C sensor will not work on any iOS mobile device, including iPads, even if that device has a USB-C connection port.
Your iOS choices for sensors for are:
•          Lightning (Wired connection)
•          Bluetooth

There are several reasons why the HeartMath USB-C sensor is incompatible with the current iOS device configurations.
The first being Apple only supports a very limited number of protocols over USB-C.

•          Power (which requires an Apple proprietary Power Block)
•          Display Port and HDMI
•          Block mode disks using FAT/exFAT (Flash and drives)
•          Midi

Apple proprietary equipment for connecting iOS to macOS devices – backup and media control, Apple Configurator 2, and Xcode debug.
Third Party equipment connections may cause damage to these devices.

Our custom HID (Human Interface Device) data protocol is not recognized on iOS.
There currently isn’t an Accessory Framework/MFI support feature.

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