General operation questions for the emWave2

How do I sync my emWave2 with my computer?

Download and install the emWave2 software program. it’s free Click Here:

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have emWave PRO or PRO PLUS, do not install emWave2 software to avoid operations/data conflicts.

Connect your emWave2 to your computer using the USB cable that was included with your device.
Open the emWave program (either emWave2 or emWave PRO).
On the main graph screen in the upper left corner of the screen, click File and Sync emWave2.
Choose Sync Session Data with Device, to transfer any Session data you may have stored in the emWave2.

Is it Ok to sync my emWave2 to more than one computer?

It is possible to use the hand held on several different computers.  Once it is synced to the first computer, syncing to the second, third etc. will result in the same window asking if you want to identify this hand held with the computer.  In this case, it will use the Digital ID created from the first installation. Remember that the emWave2 program is a single user only program so if you want to use it with multiple users and computers, the device must be cleared of session data before it moves on to the next user.

What is the difference between “Delete” and “Wipe” on the emWave2 device?

It is an important difference, Only use the Delete data function to remove Sessions off of the emWave2.
Do Not use the Wipe function unless you intend to transfer the use of the device to another user.
It will delete the Digital ID number as well.
This is especially critical if you want to use the emWave2 on several different computers concurrently.
The Digital ID is randomly created and other computers that previously recognized the device will cease to do so.

How do I know when my emWave2 is fully charged?

The emWave2 comes with a USB cable and serves the dual purpose of charging the emWave2 and providing interface capability to the emWave software program.
It automatically begins the charging process when the device is plugged into the cable and the cable is plugged into a USB port on your computer. You will know it’s fully charged when there are 5 solid blue lights in the Heart Action Strip. If one light continues to flicker, consider the unit full charged.

How do I know if my emWave2 is in Advanced Mode?

Advanced Mode is indicated by the emWave unit making 3 distinct tones at start up.
The default, Basic Mode, is indicated by only 2 tones at start up.
To exit the Advanced Mode, press and hold the top portion of the thumb sensor, down for 10 seconds or until you hear 4 rapid beeps in succession (high, high, high, low)

Can I install the emWave2 software on a computer that already has emWave PRO?
We do not recommend or support, the installation of emWave2 on a computer already running emWave PRO.
In the case of emWave PRO, installation of emWave2 is not necessary. The emWave2 device will work with emWave PRO.

Here are some features of emWave PRO that are not available in the emWave2 program.

  • Multiple Users
  • Additional Databases, for practitioners with a large client base.
  • Power Spectrum
  • Pulse data
  • Import or Export Session data

How do I get more training on the emWave2?

emWave2 instructional videos are available here: HeartMath Training Videos

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