Games Screen Resolution Tip for OS Mojave

High Resolution systems such as Retina display, will show you a truncated screen display of the Games and Visualizers. Unfortunately, at this time, this is the only known workaround for High Resolution systems. You will have to apply this procedure to each of the Games and Visualizers as you use them. However, you will only have to do this once for each feature you intend to use.

Go to the emWave Applets folder in your Applications folder. Click once on the Game or Visualizer that you intend to use, to highlight it. Press and Hold the Command + I key’s at the same time, to see the Get Info panel for the chosen feature. Click the Lock icon in the lower right corner of the panel. Enter your computer password to unlock the panel.

Put a check in the box – Open in Low  Resolution Close the panel. Double click on the feature you just modified to see if it displays correctly as in the image below.

Do the next feature the same way if you intend to use any more of the Games and Visualizers.

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